luni, 12 septembrie 2011

Atalie - Louise

This is my first project with cartonnage tehnique, and becouse I learned this tehnique thanks to my friend Michelle, I gladly offered in our private stitching exchange

Acesta este primul meu proiect realizat cu tehnica cartonnage si pentru ca am invatat aceasta tehnica multumita prietenei mele Michelle, i l-am oferit cu draga inimia in cadrul schimbului nostru privat.

Atalie Louise
designer - Atalie
threads - DMC: 3859, 3834, 951, 3771, 3011, 3726
Pattern - Louise
Fabric - linen permin fabric 11 thr/cm - 28"

8 comentarii:

  1. Sara, this is so wonderful!
    Can I invite you to share on Atalie stitchers blog?
    Please email me (email is on my profile)

  2. What a beautiful work! Really amazing, Sara:) many hugs, Ira

  3. Thank you, Nina! I already posted on Atalie stitchers blog :)

  4. What a lovely piece you have stitched,well done!!
    I like very much Atalie patterns and threads.
    You are very talented !!!

  5. Very well done Sara. Lovely colours!!!


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