vineri, 7 septembrie 2012

Little Dumbo

it's been a long time since I posted something on blog.
First, I must tell you that my little one it's a girl! :) Now, she has 24 weeks and is very playful :)

Today I want to show you another shower baby set:

set botez: carte oaspeti, saculet trusou, sticluta pentru mir, fasa, panza de mir, prosop si inimioare personalizate

trusou botez personalizat " little Dumbo "

trusou botez personalizat - detalii

trusou botez personalizat: saculet trusou, inimioare personalizate, fasa, panza de mir, prosop

guestbook " little Dumbo " - carte oaspeti " micutul Dumbo "

trusou botez personalizat


6 comentarii:

  1. What a charming pink set!:)
    And congratulations, my dear - now you'll have two princesses;) (you already have one daughter, right?:)

    1. Dear Ira,
      Thank you and no, I don't have a daughter. Is my first child :)
      Sweet girl that appears in my posts is Bianca, and I am her godmother

      Have a wonderful week!


  2. Congratulations!!! Enjoy these wonderful weeks, days, minutes! And make a photoshoot of these magic period of your life, Sara!!!


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