miercuri, 20 noiembrie 2013

Hello my dearest blog! hello my friends!

It's almost an year since I haven't post on my blog! Oh, my!!!! How to fast pass the time!
My little girl has 11 month and she's a miracle for me everyday more and more! She's adorable!!! :)

I wish you to have a wonderful november and with a big hug I give you, my dearest followers, some autumn flowers:

Lumanare botez cu miros de toamna / autumn christening candle

<3 data-blogger-escaped-b="">Keep calm and cross stitch

2 comentarii:

  1. Hello, my dear friend!
    Good to hear from you again;)
    Hope you are doing fine and will get back to blogging soon;)
    Ira ♥

    1. Dear Ira, thank you! I'm fine and I'm glad to " see " you again!


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